Take Action

Looking to up the ante during your challenge?
Here are three action items you can choose from.


Request no-cost training and education.

The Opioid Response Network provides training and education at the local level and at no cost. Submit a request (it just takes a minute) to enhance your efforts.

Example #1

Have an Opioid Response Network consultant review your organization’s website and written materials (e.g., policy manuals, forms) and provide suggestions on updates that incorporate non-stigmatizing language, if needed.

Example #2

Request an Opioid Response Network presenter to discuss the science of addiction to provide your audience with the basics of how substance use disorders develop and what treatments are effective.

Example #3

Host a local training with the Opioid Response Network on stigma and substance use disorders that engages individuals in recovery previously engaged with your local justice or corrections setting.


Take the Pledge.

Take the pledge to further your organization’s commitment to Stand Against Sigma. Choose one or a series of long-term action items challenging you to update policy documents, shape committees and build out support services within your organization.

If you need help along the way through education, training or implementation support, submit a request at OpioidResponseNetwork.org.


Sign a Proclamation.

A proclamation is a great way to garner support at the city, county or state level. Proclamations can also help generate media coverage. Ask your county commissioners, city council, mayor or even judge to make a proclamation or pass a resolution addressing stigma. Consider the Opioid Response Network’s Stand Against Stigma sample proclamation.